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To Mobilize the Job aspirant youth and career opportunities, Job Booster India has joined hands with Stakeholders like:

    1. Employers

    Job Booster India creates opportunities for decent employment for marginalized youth and to utilize their potential for the country’s development. We are associated with notable Retail, Manufacturing, E-publication, Automobile, Banking & Microfinance, Marketing, Logistics, Facilities, BPO’s and Health industries to create employability for youth in vulnerable sections.
    We help young people develop skills necessary for employability and their ability to place themselves in the labour market.

    2. Financial Institutions

    Job Booster helps strengthen the national and local institutional frameworks to promote sustainable work opportunities and encourage a young entrepreneurship. We associate with reputed Financial Institutions, to guide young entrepreneurs in the right direction, in how to raise finance for their business. We encourage youth to develop leadership skills that create their own identity and create local development vision.

    3. Government Institutions

    Job Booster is tied-up with Government Institutions to create an enabling environment for youth employment. Our associates have a strong commitment to increase employment opportunities among marginalised youth in the organized sector. Their intervention contributed to generating appropriate employment opportunities through skill training programs.

    4. Training Institutions

    Job Booster develops and supports youth in both technical and soft skill training to create a successful career path. Our associate Training institutions reinforce the knowledge of employment and youth to enrich their professional development to face the real world. We also implement activities that help them prevent workplace hazards and gender equality in the work environment.

Community Partners

Corporate Associations