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Our Story

Woord en Daad, our parent organization is a Dutch - Christian foundation based in The Netherlands. Woord en Daad has been working on sustainable change for 47 years, in over 20 countries, with programs in Agricultural development, Policy influencing, Awareness, Sustainable water, Education, Emergency aid and resilience, and Work and training. Together with loyal supporters and experienced partners, WnD continues to build on this life-changing work.

The organization aspires to help people from low- and mid-income countries to overcome poverty by serving a dignified existence for every individual. One of their ingenious outcomes is Job Booster.

Job Booster Social India, lends a helping hand to the youth of underprivileged communities to acquire a sustainable living. We seamlessly connect young talent to popular workforces to acquire respectful employment opportunities, as well as drive social entrepreneurship.

As a Social Enterprise, Job Booster focuses on upskilling and placing marginalized youth to acquire meaningful jobs. We act as a bridge between the under-privileged, under-educated and unemployed and corporate companies and prepares the youth through Job Orientation and offers them job placements with various industries in the organized sector.

Job Booster, a social enterprise, closely associates with employers, educators and governments to mobilize potential candidates with enriching career opportunities. We actively identify employment opportunities and encourage Vocation Orientation programs for the youth. Our success depends on bridging a good match between the capacities of the youngster and the available job. Even when the candidate is extra vulnerable because of ethnicity or handicap. We assist them with full-fledged career placement program to make them independent and successful.

Job Booster has been designed to impart vocational training to underprivileged youth living across India. We train youth and provide job assistance to help them earn a decent living.

Job Booster Social India is currently located in Chennai, T.N., but is on path to expand in other cities across India.


"Be a catalyst of change, for the underprivileged & marginalized community"


“We commit to instil career interest and create employment opportunities, among the underprivileged & marginalized youth, through developmental and guidance”

Core value

The core objective of the Job Booster Program is to generate career opportunities for unemployed youth, among the marginalized. Its main methods are to:
  • Understand the career interests of the youth
  • Analyze their qualification and potential
  • Map job opportunities with a focus on lifetime security
  • Plug the skill gap by providing required training through our training partners
  • Make the youth employable with required Attitude, Skills and Knowledge

Youth who have the potential to work yet lack access to opportunities that drives them towards meaningful employment.

How do we work?

Mobilizing Underprivileged Youth to achieve the Vision of the project, Job Booster has partnered with various organizations to mobilize potential candidates.

1. Training Institutions offering

  • Soft Skills
  • Technical Skills

2. Education Institutions

  • Government schools
  • Government Arts & science college
  • Private arts & science college
  • Social work Institutions
  • Management Institutions

3. Community Based Organization:

NGO’s & People movement – working related to unemployment issues.

To associate with Job Booster India, organizations will have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as per the respective activity carried out by them.