6 Innovative Recruiting Techniques to Boost Your Efforts

Author: Evangelin Buelah
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024 06:27
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When it comes to recruiting top talent in the competitive job market of today, conventional recruitment techniques might not be adequate. To stand out, employers need to adopt creative thinking and modern techniques. Here are six innovative methods to advance your recruitment processes. Also, here are some examples of companies that are including these activities in their recruitment techniques.

1. Gamify the Recruitment Process:

Use interactive evaluations, challenges, or virtual reality experiences to evaluate applicants' capabilities and fit for the position. Gamification brings enjoyment to the process and offers insightful information about the abilities of a potential employee.
Let's look at how Deloitte, a global network of professionals providing tax, audit, consulting, and advice services, uses gamification in recruiting. Using tools like the Situational Judgment Test (SJT). SJT uses real-world situations to evaluate behavioural, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities. Gamification increases applicant engagement, assesses cultural fit, and highlights creative approaches to hiring.


2. Virtual Reality Job Previews:

Use VR technology to give potential prospects a digital tour of your office. Presenting your workplace and daily activities encourages prospects to feel excited about joining the organization and helps them see themselves in the position.
Leading aerospace company Airbus provides work previews in virtual reality (VR) to its staff members. Potential employees can look into aircraft production processes in realistic virtual worlds thanks to VR technology. Before beginning their duties, employees receive training on their roles, the workplace, and safety procedures. Virtual reality job previews increase engagement, offer life-like experiences and facilitate efficient onboarding.


3. AI-Powered Screening:

Make your candidate screening process more efficient by utilizing artificial intelligence. AI systems may save a ton of time and money by swiftly going through resumes, identifying the best individuals, and even determining how well they fit in with the culture.
IBM matches candidates and screens resumes automatically using AI algorithms. AI examines applications, finds pertinent data, and matches applicants with available positions. Technology reduces bias, increases efficiency, and streamlines the hiring process. Fairness, objectivity, and scalability are encouraged in the talent acquisition process by IBM's strategy.


4. Campaigns for Social Media Recruitment:

Make use of social media's influence to connect with more prospective applicants. To draw in passive applicants who might not be actively looking for work, use specific advertisements and interesting content.
Netflix uses social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for recruitment initiatives. Campaigns include staff endorsements, company events, and behind-the-scenes looks at creative content. To attract people, Netflix emphasizes its distinct culture, career prospects, and employee benefits. The campaigns are designed to draw in prospective employees and present Netflix as a top employer in the entertainment sector.


5. Employee Referral Programs:

By offering incentive-based referral plans, you can motivate your current staff members to recommend eligible prospects. Workers can assist you in attracting individuals with similar values who are a good match for your firm and are frequently the finest representatives for your corporate culture.
Amazon, like many corporations, provides financial incentives or awards to staff members who recommend qualified candidates. Candidates can be referred by staff members using the internal referral platform or portal. Reward payments are made upon the employment status of the referred individual, and referrals must match the job requirements. The initiative makes use of workers' networks to draw in talent and cut expenses associated with hiring.


6. Events for Remote Recruitment:
Take use of virtual events for recruitment to establish connections with applicants worldwide. Organize online job fairs, webinars, or networking events to interact with a wide range of talent without being restricted by geographic location.
At Microsoft, these gatherings provide information about Microsoft's work environment and career paths. Microsoft provides webinars, workshops, and virtual hiring events. Candidates take part in online networking events, exams, and virtual interviews. Microsoft makes use of technology to interact with talent from a distance and create a robust talent pipeline


These are examples of how you can also get top talent for your company and improve your recruitment efforts by putting these cutting-edge strategies into practice. In the highly competitive recruiting market, embrace technology, innovation, and strategic thinking to maintain an advantage.

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