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Job Booster – Implementation Process

We are working on a step by step process to achieve a Sustainable outcome of the Project.

It is a Five-step process, following

Associate with employers of different sectors, to provide options for jobs. This would help the youth to identify and analyze their interested field of work they would like to grow in.

We are also working to identify further new opportunities.

Those Employers identified by Job Booster India are analyzed on their

  • Product
  • Workplace environment
  • Safety & protection
  • Job security
  • Job Growth
  • Labor standards (Minimal wages & Allowance)
  • Employer’s Business Ethics

We are identifying unemployed and interested youth among the marginalized communities through the different partners. We are also participating and conducting Job fairs individually to mobilize candidates.

The Mobilized and identified candidates are then given an orientation about the sectors they are going to be placed in and their potential and interest level are identified. The Orientation process is carried out by a professional team of Social workers.

Identified potential employees are then placed according to their interest levels, at the employers.

We also follow up with the placed candidate for once a quarter, for 1 year. Job Booster India mentors and assists them in facing challenges at the workplace.

  • Up Skilling
  • Mentoring Disputes at the workplace
  • Career Guidance
  • This is done by having a close connection with the HR department of the company. Through this follow up Job Booster India also identifies upcoming job opportunities within the company.