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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a managerial principle in which companies incorporate social and environmental considerations into their business activities and engagements with stakeholders. CSR is commonly viewed as the method by which a company harmonizes economic, environmental, and social objectives using this Triple-Bottom-Line approach, all while meeting the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders. This approach aims to measure and optimize a company's performance not only in terms of financial profit (economic) but also its impact on the planet (environmental) and its contributions to social well-being (social).

Job Booster’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Services, works towards assisting and guiding Corporates, Institutions and Businesses to integrate the mandatory CSR activities into their business models, to build sustainable corporate self-regulation. CSR in India has evolved from just the philanthropic space, to Institution Building and Community Development, through projects with local and global influences.

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CSR Drivers:

The drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are the motivations that lead companies to adopt socially responsible practices. Key drivers include good corporate governance, ethical considerations, the desire to enhance reputation and brand image, meeting stakeholder expectations, legal compliance, risk management, seeking a competitive advantage, engaging and retaining employees, fostering innovation, and pursuing long-term financial success.

Our Holistic CSR Approach:

At Job Booster, we offer a comprehensive suite of CSR services, including:

  • 1. Need-Based Assessment Studies: Thorough assessments to understand the specific needs of the communities you aim to support.
  • 2. CSR Planning: Tailored strategies to align your CSR initiatives with your corporate goals.
  • 3. Feasibility and Implementation Roadmap: Practical plans for seamless implementation of CSR activities.
  • 4. CSR Audits: Rigorous auditing to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  • 5. Institutional Capacity-Building: Enhancing your organization's ability to execute CSR projects.
  • 6. Impact Assessments: Measuring and quantifying the positive changes brought about by your CSR initiatives.
  • 7. Monitoring & Evaluation: Continuous assessment to refine and improve your CSR projects.
  • 8. Participatory Programs: Engaging your stakeholders in the CSR process.

Internal and External Stakeholders:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves the integration of ethical practices and social considerations into a company's operations. It encompasses corporate governance, which is the system by which organizations are directed and controlled. Internal stakeholders, such as employees and management, play a crucial role in shaping and implementing CSR initiatives. External stakeholders, including customers, communities, and investors, also influence and are influenced by a company's CSR practices. Job Booster ensures the effective integration of CSR with corporate governance to ensure that the interests of both internal and external stakeholders are considered, contributing to sustainable and responsible business conduct.

Driving Positive Outcomes:

Through our expertise, Job Booster assists clients to build a moral & ethically responsible brand image. Our clients stand to benefit from that social identity, as such activities help their brand to become more empathetic. From financial improvements to enhanced operational efficiency, we empower our clients to fulfil both corporate governance and societal obligations. This not only enhances your brand's reputation but also fosters trust among your stakeholders.

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Integration of SDGs with CSR:

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals established by the United Nations in 2015 to address various social, economic, and environmental challenges across the world. The UN SDGs aim to promote sustainable development and improve the well-being of people worldwide by 2030. CSR and SDGs are currently being implemented independently within the business world. The SDGs are formulated to address present and future requirements, aligning with short-and long-term CSR visions. The SDGs fulfil all four CSR objectives outlined by the UN, emphasizing well-being, harm prevention, and voluntary actions to aid others in a multidimensional and comprehensive fashion. Through the formulation of an integrated framework, Job Booster can help your organization merge CSR and SDGs to
(1) assist in safeguarding the environment, society, and economy, and
(2) enhance profitability and organizational development.
Partner with Job Booster and align your CSR strategies with global benchmarks based on the UN SDGs.

The intersection of SDGs and CSR involves leveraging business activities to achieve both financial success and positive social impact. As a CSR foundation, Job Booster play a vital role in addressing global challenges outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by helping companies align their missions with efforts towards:
Addressing Social Issues

  • Inclusive Economic Growth
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Innovation and Partnerships
  • Local Impact
  • Empowerment and Inclusion

Our Experienced Team:

Job Booster’s CSR Advisory team, together, have over 100 years’ worth of combined CSR Experience. They have worked on project levels, from local to international, and assisted in transforming Corporate CSR projects, of many large companies, like Adani, Tech Mahindra, HDFC, PSA, Wells Fargo, etc.

Legal Compliances:

In accordance with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, corporations are obligated to fulfill specific CSR requirements. These regulatory mandates entail the establishment of a Board-level CSR committee, the meticulous planning and approval of annual CSR activities, and the diligent oversight of their implementation. The Act places a significant onus on the Board of Directors, outlining explicit and mandatory governance requirements for CSR initiatives. While some companies may perceive CSR as a regulatory burden, treating it merely as a checkbox exercise could expose organizations to a spectrum of fraud risks. These risks, arising from inadequate due diligence and monitoring, underscore the importance of a proactive and comprehensive approach to CSR compliance.

The Basics of CSR in India
Compliance Regulations:

These apply to companies meeting any one or more of the following criteria:

  • Net worth equals to or exceeding INR 500 crore
  • Turnover amounting to INR 1,000 crore or more
  • Net profit of INR 5 crore or more

Annual Spending on CSR:

  • Every financial year, allocating a minimum of 2% of the average net profits earned in the three preceding financial years.
  • Activities eligible for inclusion in CSR policies are outlined in Schedule VII of the Act.

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Pre-Conditions for CSR:

There are several pre-conditions for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, including:

  • For companies with a registered office in India, CSR projects, programs, and activities must be carried out in India only.
  • Projects, programs, and activities that only benefit company employees and their families will not be considered CSR activities.
  • Direct or indirect contributions to political parties will not be considered as CSR activities.
  • Section 135 prescribes “….shall ensure that company spends….”. The company has to 'spend' the amount, anything else is considered philanthropy.

We help you Mitigate Risk, Ensure Compliance and Build Society

At Job Booster, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the CSR legal landscape outlined in the Companies Act, 2013, ensuring seamless adherence to CSR regulations. While CSR and Corporate Sustainability activities are generally viewed as a difficult task imposed by Government regulation, approaching CSR without due process, may expose any organization to the risk of fraud & loss, arising from ineffective due diligence and poor monitoring. Reach out to us to know where your exposure to this risk may lie, how best we can assist in mitigating those risks, & facilitate you in developing a robust roadmap to effectively deliver a CSR implementation plan.

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