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Job Booster - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisors

Job Booster’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Services, works towards assisting and guiding Corporates, Institutions and Businesses to integrate the mandatory CSR activities into their business models, to build sustainable corporate self-regulation. CSR in India has evolved from just the philanthropic space, to Institution Building and Community Development, through projects with local and global influences.

Our holistic CSR approach includes: Need-Based Assessment Studies, CSR Planning, Feasibility and Implementation Roadmap, CSR Audits, Institutional Capacity-Building, Impact Assessments, Monitoring & Evaluation and Participatory Programs. We drive positive outcomes for our clients, ranging from financial improvements to refining operational efficiency.

Job Booster assists clients to build a moral & ethically responsible, brand image. Our clients stand to benefit from that social identity, as such activities help their brand to become more empathetic.

Job Booster’s CSR Advisory team, together, have over 100 years’ worth of combined CSR Experience. They have worked on project levels, from local to international, and assisted in transforming Corporate CSR projects, of many large companies, like Adani, Tech Mahindra, HDFC, PSA, Wells Fargo, etc.

While CSR and Corporate Sustainability activities are generally viewed as a difficult task imposed by Government regulation, approaching CSR without due process, may expose any organization to the risk of fraud & loss, arising from ineffective due diligence and poor monitoring. Reach out to us to know where your exposure to this risk may lie, how best we can assist in mitigating those risks, & facilitate you in developing a robust roadmap to effectively deliver a CSR implementation plan.