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When young women and men have access to decent employment, only then a country can achieve prosperity. Job Booster India is pleased to share this noble Vision with our like-minded stakeholders.

We, along with our stakeholders work hard to cater to the distinct abilities of our youth and listen to their expectations and views towards national development. Our collaboration envisages to reach our common goal – To see Young India prosper.

Job Booster proudly introduces you to our stakeholders

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Training Institutions

Creating quality learning opportunities for youth

Job Booster India is associated with Training Institutions that provide vocational knowledge to youth who lack conventional education. We increase the access to education and training for aspiring youth workers by building their capacity to enhance their employability.

Increased and equitable access to learning opportunities is key to professionalizing youth, has always been our vision.

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Educational Institutions

A major proportion of today’s youth is deprived of basic education and thus, lack practical skills that enable them to have a job. Job Booster India is associated with educational institutions to impart skills to the marginalized sections of the society.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Job Booster India is closely tied up with Corporate entities to help the marginalized and underprivileged, eligible youth utilize their skills. Companies with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives at their core can help create stronger communities and enrich the lives of the youth with employment that can create decent livings for the underprivileged youth.

Socially responsible companies

Employer Companies

Helping youth to develop skills that make economic sense.

Job Booster India, in association with companies within the organized sector aims to fill the skills shortage gap for organizations and offer better quality jobs to youth. We provide the training efforts that meet employers’ specific needs that enable retention of staff and prepare the youth for the work environment.

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Community Leaders/ Volunteers

Making leadership count in the Job Search.

Job Booster India closely works with Community Leaders/ Volunteers to contribute towards social welfare. We encourage youth to volunteer and work towards career-constructive development.

We welcome new partners and stakeholders to join us in supporting better employment opportunities for youth employment.

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Community-based organization

Partnering to build a world where youth are safe, valued and empowered.

Job Booster India is associated with community-based organisations to help youth reach their full potential and advance their rights. We contribute to build smart, sustainable and potentially scalable solutions to the youth-oriented challenges. Our partner community based organizations help marginalized youth access to skill training and find a decent livelihood.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability
Youth Movements

A youth-striven society contributes to the country’s progress.

Job Booster India identifies and pursues innovative solutions to provide an opportunity for better standards of living to marginalized youth. We encourage youth-programs, youth-volunteers and youth organizations to join with us in placing our young people that may lack the direction or the ability to secure better employment.

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Government Organizations

Job Booster India seeks affiliation with Government organization to be able to contribute to the goal of PM Modi to train over 40 crore youth and provide decent employment opportunities by 2022.

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Our Employees

Helping youth to develop skills that make economic sense.

Our employees at Job Booster India provide job orientation programs that prepare youth jobseekers to be job-ready in order to earn respectable livelihoods. We focus on eliminating obstacles for young adults by providing them white-color employment opportunities in Corporate and Public sectors.