A New Age Guide to Ace High-Volume Hiring

Author: Gladys Abigail Cyrus
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2022 12:04
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A New Age Guide to Ace High-Volume Hiring

In this day and age, wherein the pool of candidates is as passive as it is, it becomes extremely challenging to hire candidates in high volumes. With our experience in mass hiring, we have listed below certain innovative trends based on observations, that will guide and assist you in acing high volume hiring.


Referral Schemes

Most blue-collar workers work through referral schemes of one kind or another. Increase the stake of your present candidates so that they can participate in the recruitment process of their own volition. Consider delivery executives, they need to make at least 5-6 deliveries to make Rs. 100, if these candidates were on some referral schemes, these candidates will enthusiastically assist you in branching out to more candidates, who are likely to have higher rates of retention.


Evaluate Talent Faster

Several recruiters come from a white collared recruiting background, hiring for white-collared positions like developers and designers takes weeks if not months. It is squarely unfair for recruiters to use such a duration of time for closing positions in the blue-collar industry.

In the blue-collar industry, hiring depends on two factors alone: How many you hire and how quickly you hire. At this, it is incumbent on the recruiter to close positions fast. To be able to do this, you’ll need to evaluate talent at light speed.


Mobile-Friendly Audience

There’s a huge audience in the informal economy that is extremely mobile-savvy. Thanks to games like PubG, and entertainment apps like Tik Tok, almost everybody is using a smartphone now. It is borderline criminal if your hiring campaigns are not factoring in the mobile-friendly nature of your blue-collar crowd. It is not only an optimization of costs, but also supremely effective.

From social media campaigns to push notifications on mobiles, recruiters are using every trick under their sleeve to lure the mobile audience.


Leverage the Power of Video

The world is consuming videos by terabytes. If you’re not using videos in your recruitment, blue or white-collar, you’re leaving money on the table. This is unacceptable if you wish to evolve into an ace recruiter. You can leverage video for engaging your audience who could become potential candidates, creating awareness about the differentiated benefits you have in store for them. Running ads for targeted campaigns like candidate signups, and videos, attract more eye-balls and are highly favoured by social media and search engines alike. The best blue-collar recruiters are also posting their job descriptions in video formats.


Job Ads for Multiple Locations

You can exponentially improve your hiring chances if your job post is able to attract talent not just from one, but from several locations at the same time. If you wish to do this, with conventional white-collar portals you will definitely need to pay an arm and a leg. However, with blue-collar hiring, it would be counterintuitive to pay extra for posting jobs in multiple locations. There are some job portals that let you post the same job in several locations in several different locations and that too for no extra cost. Find them and make use of them.


Invite Blue Collar Agencies

While making mass hires, you can reach out to blue-collar agencies that specialize in mass recruiting. Although a lot of fluff candidates get flooded along with the good candidates, in a larger scheme of things, a blue-collar agency will prove to be quite effective where you need to show quick results.


Here, at Job Booster India, we cater to many such requirements of blue-collar profiles, while ensuring to meet our client requirements to our fullest potential. Get in touch with JBI, for your volume hiring needs!

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