The Fundamentals of Building a Volume Hiring Team

Author: Amrit Elango
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2021 12:35
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The Fundamentals of Building a Volume Hire Team

Volume hiring, as the name suggests, is when a company hires a large number of employees to fill vast, open job positions. The recruiting teams of companies that are constantly hiring due to consistent growth or inevitable attrition, dedicate a large portion of their time to such large-scale hiring. If niche, specialized hiring can be compared to handcrafted goods that are produced in small numbers, mass recruitment can be compared to the large-scale manufacturing of goods in factories that require millions of units to be produced in small windows of time.

Like mass production, mass recruitment requires well-designed and streamlined processes. A well-structured team and bulk-hiring process, multiple sourcing networks and fine-tuned hiring strategies all come together to result in successful large-scale hiring.

Continue reading to see what structures, practices, and strategies can help your organization become more efficient as a volume hiring team.



Mass recruitment can prove to be a difficult task if there is a lack of streamlined processes. When dealing with hiring in hundreds and thousands of employees, one seldom has the time to give each application individualized attention. A well-organized team paired with a well-designed bulk hiring process results in a fluid hiring pipeline and in turn successful mass recruitment.


A well-structured team

Managing successful mass recruitment requires specialized attention and a huge applicant funnel, which may not always be found in the house. This raises the need for recruitment consultancies, who are willing to source and screen candidates to your specifications. The role of in-house human resource management teams is often in providing feedback and creating a smooth flow and bulk-hiring process to increase the conversion ratio of candidates applied to employees hired.


Well-structured hiring processes

An elaborate but simple hiring plan makes the volume hiring process smooth. A streamlined hiring process that includes the sourcing avenues, parameters for screening, documentation, and onboarding creates a clear recruitment funnel that can be checked for candidate leakages and fixed to increase the conversion ratios. Variables such as hiring objectives, available timeline, and cost of hiring must be the core around which the hiring process is structured.


Sourcing Practices

During mass recruitment, it is of crucial importance that your job requirements are shared with as many individuals as possible. The greater the spread through networking, the higher the success rate will be. General sourcing strategies will not be effective for volume hiring, as the scope of the requirements is far greater. There are multiple avenues to pursue to source candidates like: -

    • Recruitment Drives
    • Social Media
    • Recruiting Partners
    • Employment placement agencies
    • Partnering with Local Developmental Organizations
    • Internal References


Organized Databases

When sourcing for mass recruitment, candidate applications start pouring in from all your sources. Data in large numbers are accumulated and this data needs to be well documented and organized, to make full use of the resources in hand. Efficient datasheets or software could be used to help in being organized & keeping track of all the candidate information. In volume hiring, making full use of database management software to screen and filter through candidates saves many man-hours and energy while providing candidates who are eligible and suitable for the job role.



Once a database is created, recruiters must focus on how to make the most of the data in hand. Follow-up calls play a crucial role in increasing the conversion rate of candidates. Often the most tedious part of the process, following up requires time spent on suitable candidates to push them further down the recruitment funnel and closer to employing them. Consistent follow-up creates a smooth recruitment experience for candidates and leaves them satisfied with the mass recruitment process.


Keep Evolving the Process

Through experience, leakages in the recruitment process will inevitably show up. A part of successful volume hiring is finding the gaps in the process, and changing to fix them. Constantly evolving the recruitment process will increase the efficiency of the recruitment.


At Job Booster India we provide counseling and recruitment services to clients who require assistance with bulk-hiring. Our team is experienced in creating efficient bulk-hiring processes that match individual clients and their needs. Having worked with multiple clients, from various industries, across the country, Job Booster India has the experience required to set the right structures in place and we also have a vast network of sources from which the right candidates can be found. Job Booster India looks to help clients in hiring candidates that match their expectations while bridging the gap between candidates from marginalized communities and jobs that are available.

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