Job Trends Shaping the Employment Marketspace

Author: Shekinah Daphne
Last Updated: Sep 15, 2022 17:03
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Job Trends Shaping the Employment Marketspace

Since the work market is volatile, it’s more necessary than ever to remain on top of the substantial changes and trends. That’s not only true if you’re a recruiter either; if you’re a job seeker, then remaining on top of things is your best probability of landing the most effective position. Job seeking needs you to get on your toes and grab the new opportunities that are being given to you. The necessity for upskilling reached an all-time high, with an increasing range of recruiters on the rummage for experienced professionals. Trends like acceptance of the gig economy, work from home, AI and automation, diversity, inclusion and variety can power future organizations.

From candidate-centric recruiting to various employment varieties, there are many new developments that are shaping the work market in 2022:

1. Work from Home (WFH):

Working remotely skyrocketed underneath the influence of COVID-19 and set newer trends in motion creating intriguing work patterns which have modified the current job market during this process.

“No other technological innovation in human history has affected the practice of geography in such a profound way as the computer. It has drastically transformed both geographies as an academic discipline and the geography of the world.” – Morrill and Sui (2004)

The idea of “work”, from the beginning, has been built around events involving physical effort for a specific purpose at an area selected for those actions (Felstead et al., 2005), and places of labour were, in turn, classified in accordance with the character of the activities happening there. An office, for instance, could be an area where admin duties are carried out, whereas a factory could be a place where products are manufactured/assembled. For several years, these restrictions of labour to those places were seen as given, since most work activities haven't been moveable. However, with the emergence and advancement of technological tools, the means for ideas like remote or virtual operating have been created and thus, such place-based operating restrictions are diminished in recent times.

Studies have additionally found that remote employees have a higher percentage of productivity than in-office workers. It also provides remote-operating opportunities meaning corporations can employ from a higher talent pool. People’s preference for home and remote operating is unlikely to stop. Indeed, it’s less of a trend and much more of a permanent transition.

2. AI, Machine Learning & Automation:

Resorting to AI technology is the most intelligent thing you can do for the advantage of your business or company. These tools and processes will bring necessary innovation – in economic methods as well as increase the productivity of the organization while also aiding human personnel in their work.

Machine learning is a method that most major organizations worldwide are adopting to automate and optimize their digital transformation. Therefore, there are bound to be challenges for computing to be able to keep track of what every company desires in its developments. But these methods can be utilized to improve the accuracy of the results produced.

3. Inclusive Work Cultures:

It’s crucial to grasp the distinction between simply proclaiming company inclusivity and genuinely actioning it. Employees aren’t very keen on working in an environment where everyone is alike, which means having similar life experiences and social values. Diversity is vital. A varied and inclusive work environment creates a chance for all workers to find out and grow. Encourage workers to share their backgrounds, traditions, and social beliefs.

More corporations are starting to discover that these measures facilitate a cheerful and diverse workforce. The current generation values these qualities in an organization; it's become necessary from an ethical, business and social perspective. Any organization looking to draw in this population will need inclusion and diversity in their company.

It’s not enough for corporations to simply play pretence with diversity and inclusion initiatives – that kind of angle belongs within the past. In 2022 and on the far side, businesses have to be compelled to deliver on huge guarantees, as a result of candidates eager for actions instead of words.

4. Diverse Job Markets:

Remote work won’t simply continue on an upward incline in 2022 – different sorts of work will also be a key trend within the job market.

Instead of counting on traditional workers, several fields now need project-based or contract work.

These diverse methods of operating can still grow in 2022, which means that corporations ought to adapt to a much more varied quiet jobs market. Additionally, employees demand increased flexibility recently and salaried and hourly positions simply aren’t cutting it any longer. In step with online knowledge, 1/3 of workers under the age of forty have thought of dynamic careers within the last 2 years. With lesser than 50% of people operating in the fields for which they hold a degree, it’s simple to envision why such a huge fraction of employees would be tempted to alter careers.

As more workers move toward self-employment instead of standard employment, a new and varied job market will become the standard in the coming years.

5. Social Marketing & Brand Building:

Candidates currently are on the hunt for corporations that match their morals and values, thus it’s essential for businesses to stress their mission and culture in job adverts.

The demand for social media skills is growing exponentially, and if an organization doesn’t exist on social media nowadays, it's most likely going to fall behind and lose out massively to its competitors.

As customers are increasingly engaging and interacting with their favourite brands online, businesses, big and small. will have an increasing need for customer management and social media professionals qualified to handle customer-centric roles.


As we go on, there will always be new trends that emerge while current trends are left behind and forgotten. A company/brand’s best chance at surviving and growing in the ever-changing job market is its ability to not only keep up but also adapt and get ahead of the upcoming trends.

Here at Job Booster, we strive to stay up to date on the trends of the current market while also making sure to keep an eye on the arising trends. Working with a diverse group of clients spread out across different fields helps us in our endeavour to keep up with the evolving job market while also adapting to the various challenges that come up with the changes and trends. We also keep in constant touch with candidates from various domains so we are aware of their needs and their preferred work environment, along with the values they hold. This helps us stay ready and ahead of the curve when it becomes a norm.


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