Tips to Ace Campus Placement Interviews

Author: Amrit Elango
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2022 11:02
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Interview Tips to Ace Your Campus Placement Interviews

As campus placement season dawns upon us, we at Job Booster look forward to preparing college freshers to find the fresher jobs that they are looking for.

Campus Placement Interviews are usually conversations with potential candidates for hiring companies. A short interaction between an individual fresher and the employers will decide if either party would be a good fit for the other. This fit that employers look for in campus placement, in most cases, has little to do with skill and more to do with a candidate’s attitude, behaviors, and character. Having worked with top companies from multiple industries, our recruiters have valuable insight into how a candidate can prepare themselves for the campus placement interviews process. Read on to find tips on some frequently asked questions, to be successful in your interviews.


Q. Tell me about yourself

  • Begin by stating your name
  • Information about where you're from
  • A brief about your academic background
  • Mention your Job experience if you are not a fresher
  • A short summary about your family

This question is usually the first question asked during interviews and is often the question that makes a fresher nervous. The point of this question is to gauge your confidence, language, and your priorities. Always begin by talking about your professional and academic background and touch upon your personal background towards the end.


My name is Shreya. I live in Chennai. I have done my B.E in Computer Science & an MBA in Marketing. I have 2 years of experience in Marketing & I live with my family in Chennai.


Q. What are your Salary Expectations?

  • Never share your salary requirement as a fresher
  • An experienced candidate may share their expected salary
  • Always agree to the norms of the company

No question makes you feel queasier in an interview than this one. The pressure to quote a number that matches the expectations of the interview can be difficult to overcome. However, if you are a fresher, it is wise to not mention a specific number. As this is your first step into professional life, let your focus be wholly on the company and how much it will add to you. If you are not a fresher, it would be worth the while to do your research on what the market values for individuals with your experience in the industry are.


As I am a fresher, the salary is not my top priority. This is a big platform to start my career and I am looking to improve my knowledge & skills and I want to gain experience in this job. I expect a considerate salary, according to my ability and the company norms, which will match my expenses.


Q. Why do you want to work with us? Does anything about our company interest you?

  • Convey what you like about their company
  • Explain how working in the company will help you reach or accomplish your long-term goals.

It is imperative that a candidate has an admiration for the company that he/she aspires to work in as this gives them the drive to work. The answer to this question also reveals how much research you have done about the company prior to your interview and so shows your preparedness.


It's an honor to work in a well-known company like yours. When I read about your company and researched the job opportunity, I found that my skills match your requirements. I believe I can showcase my technical skills to contribute to the growth of the company. I can see myself growing along & within the.


Q. Why should we hire you?

  • Share your knowledge
  • Work Experiences
  • Skills Related to the Job
  • Career Goals

Confidence is key while answering this question because if you are not confident in your candidature for the job, neither will your interviewers. Display your knowledge, explain your experience and advertise the skills you have that will make you the right candidate for the job.


As I am a fresher, I have theoretical knowledge, but my inclination to work hard makes me a fast learner. I am prepared to learn and work hard for my organization; I will put all my efforts into the progress of my organization. I am punctual and sincere; I finish the work given to me on time and try to fulfill the responsibilities handed to me.


Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Firstly, if that’s the case start with your weakness and end with strengths, to end on a positive note. Speak about certain weaknesses, but make it such, that your strengths over-power your weakness.

When speaking about your weaknesses, draw upon examples relating to skills, habits or personality traits.

Some examples of weaknesses are:

  • I take on too much responsibility
  • I’m too focused
  • I’m not too good at public speaking
  • I’m highly competitive


Follow these up with, how you are working to get better at these.

Because quite similar to the previous question, make sure that you are confident with your answer. Select your strengths that will make you more valuable as an employee rather than strengths unrelated to your profession.

  • Adaptation,
  • Working hard
  • Honesty
  • Flexibility
  • Quick decision making
  • Self-Motivated


I am an honest, self-motivated, and hardworking person with a positive attitude towards my career and life.



As recruiters, we look for candidates who are confident, kind, driven, and clear in their mindset. Every tip given above is tailored to help you be the candidate that recruiters are looking for.

Prepare well for your interviews, brush up on your skills, read up about the company you are interviewing for, polish up your resumes, and be confident when you take your seat in front of the interviewers. From Job Booster to you, you have our best wishes as you gear up for this placement season!

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