Recruitment Perspectives-New Practices to Perfect

Author: Amrit Elango
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2021 08:15
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Change. It’s a concept we’ve all grown well familiar with in the past two years. Change as a business concept, is not new, but the pandemic brought on more than what we are used to adapting to. Every social structure was stretched and challenged by the changes that needed to happen. This resulted in different ways of thinking, living & acclimatizing. Anything that could transform, survived, and what couldn’t, be left to scrap.

HR perspectives changed. The Recruitment function changed. Recruitment changed from employer-centric to employee-centric. Businesses adapted accordingly. Sourcing, Interviews, Onboarding, Training – almost everything moved online. The Covid-19 pandemic shifted focus from the company to the ease of the candidate. From client feedback to candidate experience. From having too many candidates for one job, market dynamics shifted to not having enough individuals who were willing to work at a new organization, given the risk of the pandemic.

Read on to know in the contemporary recruitment market scenarios, what are the best adaptive recruitment practices & processes that will help your business acclimatize to a post-pandemic recovery.


Recruitment Meets Marketing:

Recruitment in a candidate-driven market sees a need to merge recruitment strategies with marketing strategies. Candidates have now become the customers, and the jobs, the product. Recruiters must now look at attracting candidates like sales agents for their companies, candidates being their target audience - in the same way, that marketers use sales funnels.

  • Firstly, Candidates must be made aware of the opportunities your company offers, and this is not limited to a job vacancy alone.
  • Further, in a crowded market, vying for the best talent, what makes your organization stand out? Strategy and effort need to be dedicated to how the candidate perceives your company to even apply for the job.
  • First, you had their attention, & now that you have their interest. Having a clear and easy application process reduces the seepage of candidates through your pipeline, from when they see the job, to when they apply, the interview process, offer acceptance, and joining.


Recruitment Meets Social Media:

Life is lived on social media. From watching pet videos to finding what couch you wanted to buy, most things are found in the ever-evolving wagon of social media. Likewise, recruitment too has gone social! Social media has been used for recruitment for quite a while now but the ever-changing and evolving nature of social media across platforms continues to advance rapidly, becoming a challenge that we need to be ready to tackle. Using social media recruitment to spread the word about available jobs and creating online spaces where users can easily access and apply takes your job offer right to the palm of your candidates’ hands. For example, Instagram is a sea full of fish yet not many recruiters cast their nets. 90% of Instagram users follow some businesses accounts. Having a strong Instagram presence has become as crucial as having a strong website. Gone are the days when recruiters alone looked for background on the candidates on their social media profiles, now candidates search for the online reputation of the business on their social media pages. When understood and used well, social media can be a powerful tool in the hands of a recruiter. Social media recruitment makes it easier to target a specific demographic to increase the accuracy with which content reaches an interested audience.


Content Pipeline - Inbound recruiting to fill the funnel:

Inbound recruiting is an enlisting method that uses search engine optimization, social media, and recruiting content to attract candidates to jobs. Constantly publishing content helps a recruiter create brand awareness among the vast sea of candidates. This paired with creating accurate candidate personas increases the pull of the right candidates towards the recruiters with less time and cost. Creating content for brand awareness that is consistent helps generate interest among the candidates. The candidates are also well informed about their roles and responsibilities so while applying for the job, they are already made aware of the commitment to the role. Employing such inbound recruiting methods ensures recruiters have a pool of candidates to recruit from in the future. This proves especially useful during bulk-hiring processes.


Employer Branding:

Apart from employing marketing strategies to sell the job to the candidates, it is important for the employer to invest in the branding of the business as a whole. Building the online reputation of a business and managing its online reputation, in turn, increases the chances of a candidate being interested in being associated with the company. These further merge the roles of the marketing and the recruitment teams.

Your ‘Careers’ page and job listings are also contributors to a brand’s online presence. Recruitment content should be consistent with all other content like photos, fonts, voice, and overall style. This helps applicants get a sense of what it would feel like to be a part of the company.


Enhance Candidate Experience:

Candidate experience during every stage of the recruitment process strongly influences the decision of if a candidate goes further down the recruitment funnel. Every HR understands this. A good recruitment experience leads to good feedback which in turn boosts the brand image of the business. A good experience for the candidate increases the chances of referrals and so increases the spread of the recruitment net. It is important that every step in the hiring process delivers an experience that reflects how the business wishes the stakeholders to perceive them.


Good Scheduling:

Sometimes, the best practices to follow for HR can be as simple as creating a good schedule or time frame. While recruiting for multiple positions, it is common to feel stretched in multiple directions. Working with well-drilled discipline and avoiding jumping from an unfinished task to an unfinished task will result in hasty and half-baked candidate experiences. Focusing on each task separately will result in quicker closing of open tasks.

By employing these practices, we grow to become businesses that adapt to changes as and when they come. The next time the world throws a curveball that leaves all around us stunned, we will be ready and able to adapt and keep recruitment strong.


Being a service-based business, we at Job Booster India, understand the importance of being able to scale up and down quickly to meet our client’s needs. Dissatisfaction among candidates affects not only recruitment results, but also the company’s image. Job Booster India implements uniquely -tailored recruitment solutions for all our clients, with our experts tuning into every stage of your recruitment, from recruitment strategy and the final selection of candidates. Get in touch with us to understand what we have to offer your business.

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