Employee Wellness - Popular Initiatives

Author: Gladys Abigail Cyrus
Last Updated: Nov 10, 2022 01:26
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Employee Wellness - Popular Initiatives

Employee well-being has attracted a lot of traction in the recent past. Employers these days understand that their employees are one of their most significant assets. Thus, with this began the trend of Corporate Wellness Programs.

Especially with COVID-19, wellness programs are being seen with a greater sense of importance. With the threat of variants and the ever-increasing WFH requests, the need for corporate wellness programs is highlighted now more than ever. Even though the advantages of an employee wellness program may be hard to see at first glance, employees who are healthy usually bring a range of benefits to other employees and to the companies they work for. Here are some examples of simple yet popular Corporate Wellness Programs that you can implement in your workplace for better results and increased productivity.

1. Healthy lunch and snacks

With only a few minutes to take lunch, many workers opt to eat fast food. Employers can provide enough time for their team members during lunchtime to head home to eat a healthy homemade lunch, head out to grab a healthy meal in a restaurant or even catch up with friends. Companies such as Google manage cafeterias that offer catered snacks and lunches to their workers in the course of the day, where employees from different teams can interact and make new friends.

There are also healthy snack delivery services that have emerged lately. Such services deliver healthy snacks to employee offices instead of them having to go out looking for food. Since everyone needs to eat, good snack and lunch programs and the promotion of healthy eating at the workplace appeal to everyone.

3. Employee Health Insurance
Employee health insurance is another benefit extended by the employer to their employees as a part of their corporate wellness programs. It does not only cover the person working for the employer but also covers the rest of the family members under the policy. Corporates can sign up for whichever insurance scheme that suits their employees the most. This provides a leeway for free health benefits, checkups, medical appointments, access to discounted medicines, etc., which further assures the employees of their importance to the organization.


3. Naps

Naps have been clinically proven to provide benefits in productivity. For this reason, innovative companies such as Facebook, Uber and Nike usually have specialized nap rooms where workers who want to take a brief nap after lunch can go. If this seems a bit extravagant, wait till you hear this- Google has onsite EnergyPods, that feature a zero-gravity napping bed, sleep music, programmed lights and relaxing vibrations all engineered to perfect the 20-minute power nap! (Went too far, didn’t they?)
A simple nap at the desk can be appreciated just the same.

Employees can return to their projects with renewed energy after catching a quick nap. Job Booster employees can personally attest to the power of a good 15-minute nap.

4. Fitness activities

Employees who sit long hours in an office need time to exercise or move around. Some companies provide on-site gym services and fitness classes to help their employees keep fit. Some even have after-work exercise groups, swimming pools, and sports grounds for their staff. In recent times, it is not uncommon for employers and employees to go out for a friendly match (with a tinge of competition), after-work hours, which further enhances team play and bond in the workplace, all the while promoting physical fitness and stamina.

5. Community service activities

Engaging in community service activities usually makes many people feel good and fulfilled. Employers can organize a day where staff can volunteer in the community. Employees can initiate fundraisers and awareness for causes they feel passionate about. Such programs also help facilitate closer relationships among employees.

One of the most exciting times here at Job Booster is when we play Secret Santa at the end of the year.
The suspense of who gets who, the pranks involved, and the final reveal of the Secret Santa at the Christmas lunch party in front of our friends and families, add so much joy and happiness to the already joyous season. Celebrating as a team- be it your birthdays, personal victories, or your seasonal festivities holds a significant place in any healthy working environment and should be considered essential in team bonding.
All these together make up the popular corporate wellness programs in today’s world.
Hope your company has at least 3 of the 6 mentioned programs for increased productivity and employee wellness. If not, feel free to reach out to us. Here at Job Booster, we also act as consultants for training, bonding and team-building exercises, all as the incorporation of corporate wellness schemes.

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