How to Hire Blue Collar Workers, and Fast

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How to Hire Blue Collar Workers, & Fast


As the economy is rebounding and organizations are in urgent need of Blue-Collar workers. India is estimated to employ 7 million, or 70 lakh, blue-collar jobs by the end of this financial year.

“As the Indian economy emerges from restrictions and businesses are resuming activity, there is a heightened demand for blue-collar workers,” said Pravin Agarwala, co-founder, and CEO of Betterplace.

Being a business administrator or HR professional in the blue-collar industry, you may realize that blue-collar jobs are the hardest to fill however proficient you are. Be that as it may, understanding the big picture of entire recruitment, especially the blue-collared industry can expand your productivity and make you more competent with recently added team members.

Blue Collar workers want more boosts in salary to counterbalance the ever-rising work demands. Apart from offering higher wages, blue-collar workers are now better aware of the benefits and incentives being offered. Moreover, a survey of blue-collar workers found that 78% of turnover didn't have anything to do with wages (Industry Today, 2019). Instead, a positive environment and opportunities for professional growth are key to attracting and retaining workers.

We should dive further to discover alternate ways of attracting and recruiting Blue-collar workers quickly and to hold on to them.


Actuate A Feeling of Pride

Individuals are passionate about their work; blue-collar employees are no different.  Why do workers of some of the well-known car companies feel proud to be working for them? Basically, in light of the fact that they have been incited to have an emotional connection to the product they make. They know every vehicle they produce is a masterpiece by its own doing. Fundamentally, every HR manager ought to impart the feeling of pride in a regular worker. Employer branding also plays a major role in contributing to the sense of pride of working for a certain reputed or fast-growing name.


Simple Assessment Strategies

Most blue-collar jobs need not bother of higher education or the need to go through thorough psychometric tests and different rounds of interviews. The key is to simplify. A blue-collar recruitment drive can, without much of a stretch, become fruitful assuming it is specially designed for the positions. A simple smoothed-out process that has not very many obstacles for the applicants will help in finding the right candidates quickly. Instead of theoretical interview sessions, the applicants have to be assessed based on their practical skills – since most of these jobs are technical by nature.


Training Opportunities

This doesn't simply mean conducting an ‘apprentice-level program. Rather it's an opportunity to foster an employee and fill skill & ability gaps. Each worker, regardless of whether a blue or white collar, needs to develop and do well throughout everyday life. At the point when you organize well-planned training and growth opportunities, you draw in people who are willing to learn and develop. Such individuals who are consistently open to learning & upskilling are resources you ought to consistently pay special mind to.


Choosing Right

Obviously, it is more difficult than one might expect. But the best way to retain employees, whether blue-collar or white-collar is by recruiting the perfect individuals, closest to your requirement. This, for any recruiter, is the best-case scenario. Do not make do or adjust, with what you got in your talent pool. Choose right, train right, and enable your blue-collar staff to grow.


Use Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are an effective recruitment method to hire and retain employees. Referred employees tend to stay longer at the company and could be better at culture fits. So, inquire your workers, as to whether they know other capable individuals who can fill your open jobs.

Start your reference program by figuring out what rewards you'll give for fruitful references, and how you'll contact your workers. For instance, your recruiting software might have an underlying reference option to make it more straightforward for you to demand references, and for your workers to track down qualified individuals in their network and refer them.


Workplace Upkeep and Maintenance

Little things have a major effect. Workers are bound to be disappointed in case they are consistently utilizing unsatisfactory offices or confronting dissatisfaction brought about by slow servers, insufficient software, or broken hardware. Manage staff complaints quickly and implant reporting processes to identify issues. Extra customized contacts to the workplace, regardless of whether that be pictures on the dividers or a full-scale Google slide, will engage employees and improve their perception of coming to work. Allowing blue-collar employees to take responsibility for their own workspace and apply small personalized touches to embed a sense of belonging and support job satisfaction.


Promote Worker’s Wellbeing

Caring for employees' wellbeing is as of now not the sole liability of the person; because of the significant cost to employers, it presently lies with organizations to promote and drive great wellbeing. Organizations can uphold workers by educating them on medical problems through materials or seminars or with better food decisions in-office, etc. In such cases, the blue-collared staff is usually neglected as preferences are given to the white-collared category. Begin now! It is never too late to treat everybody well.


Recognize And Reward – Outside Monetary Compensation

Even Blue-collar employees need to realize that their work and performance are both recognized and valued. Deploy recognition processes through company-wide intranet announcement, internal newsletter, or through a staff meeting, to ensure their hard work is celebrated. Consider the 'more modest' yet significant perks your staff might appreciate like vouchers, a day's extra allowances, or ad-hoc gifts. Set extending, yet reachable targets that even blue-collar workers can work towards and give it try.


At Job Booster Social India, we specialize in Blue-collar hiring across various industries. Having the experience and the qualifications in our team of recruiters, we are well-positioned to be the bridge between employers and candidates who are looking for blue-collar jobs. At JBI we acclimatize ourselves to the requirements of the employers and deploy recruitment strategies that ensure that your Blue-collar hiring is quick and successful.

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