Impact of Covid-19 on Youth

Author: Deepika C
Last Updated: May 18, 2021 17:24
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Students on the verge of graduating. Young minds filled with ideas and dreams of finally leaving behind decades of learning to step into a life of service & employment.  A whole flock of eager graduates ready to fly into the jobs that they have worked hard for, found themselves flying an invisible wall of a cruel and unfair pandemic.

The year 2020 had a significant impact in history due to the pandemic - Covid-19. Historically, pandemics erupt at least once in a century, leaving behind a trail of destruction. But Covid-19 caused severe and quick damage, worldwide, to an extent where neither vaccine nor medication has been no definitive cure, so this seems to be a longer fought battle. It has caused unexpected and unforeseen problems with people around the world as they are not allowed to move out of their home freely like before due to strict and stringent restrictions of lockdown and curfews. This affected the day-to-day lives of the world’s population. Millions have died due to this Covid-19.

The economic growth is hit hard throughout the world, seemingly the world has gone back 2 to 3 decades in the economic state. In India, many migrant workers moved back to their hometowns facing challenges while travelling, most of them made home on foot. And all this is just a snapshot of the ill effects of what Covid -19 has caused.

Industrial sectors & entire economies have shut, causing millions to lose jobs and livelihoods. Qualified applicants have lost job opportunities, & have resorted to settling down for low paid jobs to support their families with meagre pay rather than be unemployed and not be in a situation to feed their family.

One of the significant impact of Covid-19 was on students who were on verge of graduating in the year 2020. All the efforts they put in to get into their dream jobs were almost gone in vain. This uncertainty of the future caused emotional instabilities of anxiety and fear about their employment prospects. The scenario was worse for students from families of first-generation graduates, usually of menial workers, who had to take large loans for their children’s education, as they pinned their hopes on getting jobs and repaying the loans. Yet other students who had applied for higher education abroad also suffered as all means of transportations were at a halt with the lockdown. Students after their graduation with their results and course completion certificates underwent mental trauma as there was no clarity of their future. To make the situation worse, companies were either not employing graduates passed out during this pandemic or even if they were recruiting, they were stringent in their interview process, analysing their coping ability during pandemic apart from the job eligibility assessment. This also added stress to parents as they worried about their children’s mental health, watching their children suffer from no scope of employment. Shockingly there were few reports of suicides due to a lack of proper assistance with career guidance and mentoring coping mechanisms during a pandemic.

On the other hand, Colleges and universities were helpless to assist candidates as they could not schedule campus drives or Job Fairs on Campus with placements due to lockdown. Major reputed companies, industries and organizations began downsizing to cut – costs to the company and stagnated their recruitment processes. While many offers were rolled back, some students offered jobs declined jobs due to fear. Comparatively, students with technological skills found it easy to get employed as the world resorted to virtual mode, the need to develop new software was trending during this lockdown.

The Ministry of Human Resources has issued a plea to all companies to recruit candidates, offer jobs and not withdraw their offers owing to Covid19. In a meeting held with educational institutions, the MHRD has asked for special placement drives to be held for those who are unable to secure or retain jobs during this time. 

As part of the economic relief measures proposed by the Central Government, a three-month moratorium on the payment of EMIs for term loans, including education loans. But the interest accrued was not waived off. This resulted in borrowers paying higher instalments to repay the loan with an extended repayment period.

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