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7 Early Steps To Inclusive Corporate Social Responsibility

Author: Dorathy.N
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2021 12:12
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Corporate Social Responsibility is when an organization works towards its goals, in a principled and sustainable way, and acts keeping in mind its environmental and social impacts. CSR is an obligation to all stakeholders, be it, Government, Communities, Investors, Society, Clients, Employees, or anyone else. 

Corporate Social Responsibility is classified into 4 categories:

Environmental responsibility - Indicates the expectation that organizations should operate in, being as environmentally harmonious as possible.

Philanthropic responsibility - These are the voluntary responsibilities of the organization such as supporting defined projects or causes like educational projects, promotion of health facilities, contributing to various causes, supporting sustainable changes in the community, etc. 

Ethical responsibility - Is concerned with assuring the organization is running in an accountable, fair, transparent, courteous, and proper manner.

Economic responsibility - This is the method of an organization dutifully assisting all of its monetary choices and its obligation to do well in the areas listed above.


This article outlines the 7 early steps of an accomplished Corporate Social Responsibility program.


  • Understand and Identify the Purpose
  • Engage Your Clientele
  • Let Employees Participate
  • Prioritize and use Social Media
  • Integrate and Partner with Other Parties
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Communicate


Understand and Identify the Purpose

Regulate what CSR is to your company and how it relates to your mission, vision, and goals because consumers and the employees can feel when the efforts of CSR are not coordinated with the company’s mission, vision, and goals. On the other hand, when the company hits the correct CSR, then the result and its positive impact, are felt & recognized across all stakeholders. Find something that resonates with your company’s ethos & culture. You may also determine a few causes based on your company's ethical and environmental issues and find supportive measures for that. Choose among a few reasons and measures, and hold on to it. 


Engage your Clientele

Engage your customers and beneficiaries, to build a strong network. Classify many options and quiz your web page and other social media visitors to choose the cause on which one they would like to see you uphold if you have not preferred the cause yet. Make sure to involve the vendors and customers. Follow-up on their support passionately. Get suggestions from your stakeholders to implement the CSR programs. It is important to create a group that represents the community as well as the company. 


Let Employees Participate

Making your team understand and involving them in building a strong network is half the way to success. It is equally essential to support them with the required materials. Most of the effective CSR strategies and execution methodologies will often come out of the employees. 


Prioritize and use social media

Make sure to integrate & use different platforms of social media. Ensure your picked causes lists, down to all the corporate social responsibility issues that are critical to your customer and stakeholder, are available to access on your social media for all to see. If there are issues with social media, diagnose those issues and work on them first. By following this the company can employ the support and attention of their customer and all stakeholders. By doing this, you can get them involved in your projects. And always remember, the world is watching.


Integrate and partner with all stakeholders

Your CSR methodologies should become the element of your overall business program. By partnering with a third-party organization, it allows your organization to measure the progress of your CSR program. It will also strengthen your network. It is another way to drive employees by sharing the results of the other organizations performing related CSR works.


Identify Opportunities

By the social responsibility of business, organizations can pave the way for different options such as stepping into new markets, producing niche outputs, and forging important business.



Make sure to communicate and share your impressive CSR activities to target markets through social media and journals as often as possible. And do not be reluctant to media attention your CSR achievements will get. This will gain attention from new employees and other new customers and project ideators too.  


At Job Booster India, we assist clients, through CSR, to build a moral & ethically responsible brand. Our clients stand to benefit from that social identity, as such activities help their brand to become more empathetic, aware, and approved of by all stakeholders.

Job Booster’s CSR Advisory team, together, has over 100 years’ worth of combined CSR Experience. They have worked on project levels, from local to international, and assisted in transforming Corporate CSR activities of many large companies, like Adani, Tech Mahindra, HDFC, PSA, Wells Fargo, etc. 

Get in touch with us, let us help you make a difference.


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