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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2021 10:48
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An insight into how Job Booster India functions

There are more than 1.39 billion people in India. The literacy rate of India is around 74.04%. The unemployed population rate is 9.2%. Several industrial indicators, on the other hand, consider India as the next industrial powerhouse by as early as 2025. After a few years, India will have the largest employed young population in the world. This means a majority of the youth will have appropriate education, skills, and jobs.

Given the majority of India’s young population are undereducated, underemployed, or even unemployed, Job Booster, as a social enterprise, has a singular vision to be a catalyst of transformational change. Especially working with the underprivileged & marginalized community, the mission is simple – Commitment to instill career interest and create employment opportunities, among the unreached youth, through developmental support and career guidance. By this, Job Booster empowers the next generation of the workforce with the knowledge, experience, and dedication needed to firmly reestablish their soul and society.

What we attempt to address in this note is Job Booster's Working Process; and how does it add value to your business

The questions Job Booster India tries to answer through its work are:

  1. How to help the youth who are facing challenges with employability & to find the right jobs?
  2. How to groom and prepare the job seekers who are not educated or undereducated?
  3. How to optimally use CSR funding to ensure that its impact is effective and efficient?

How to help the youth who are facing challenges with employability to find the right jobs?

Job Booster India is devoted to raising underprivileged communities by bridging the gap between and match - talented workforce and an organization's requirement. Our goal is to give candidates the opportunity to get placed in dignified jobs.

Job Booster Social India identifies clients who are in need of good human resources as employees for their organization. Then a study is done about the client on various aspects like their ethical standards, legal compliance, way of treating their employees, financial stability and more. If the company complies with the necessary criteria, only then does Job Booster Social India begin to discuss the terms of association with the company, and is sealed with a written understanding.

Further to that, job mandates are shared by the HR personnel of the recruiting company. Once the required information is received Job Booster India will look to potential sources to mobilize candidates for the mentioned vacancies. Since Job Booster works with the unreached and underprivileged communities, through a widespread NGO network and developmental organizations, Job Booster reaches out to communities that may be most vulnerable and need assistance in finding sustainable employment. By using a proactive recruitment strategy, they speed up the selection and hiring process to identify and place suitable candidates.

Then the mobilized candidates will then be screened to check fitment. If there is any gap between the candidate’s skills and the requirements of the position, Job Booster social India will intervene and try to minimize the gap by grooming the candidates and helping them to gain exposure in that field. This helps in improving the quality of candidatures.

Then these candidates who have shown interest in joining the company, and have cleared the basic screening or assessment round with Job Booster Social India will be oriented about the company, roles, and responsibilities. Candidates' profiles are then shared with the client company and later they will perform other levels of interview. If the candidate clears those levels of interviews and the client accepts him/ her to be the right fit, they will be offered a job in that company.

Job Booster goes even further by adding value by mentoring and following up on the placed candidates. This helps in reducing attrition and enables us Job Booster to give the HR department clean and valuable feedback. The candidate mentoring and follow-up is conducted through the interview process for up to 6 months of employment.


 How does Job Booster groom and prepare the job seekers who are not educated or undereducated?

There is a major change in the process and structure of industry today. As candidates have some expectations about their job, even the companies hiring the candidates will have criteria and expectations. But in certain cases, the candidates fail to fulfill the expectations of the company and remain unemployed.  One common reason for that can be the lack of appropriate skill of the candidate. It can be a technical skill or a soft skill. With proper guidance and training the candidates can develop these skills. At Job Booster India expertise trainers groom the candidates in particular fields. Job Booster puts in additional efforts by going to candidate’s villages and towns and imparting short-term training to help the candidate be easily absorbed by the company. These pieces of training are extended to candidates who are employed as well. Earlier, very few companies understood the need for skill development of their employees for their growth as well as companies’ growth. But the pandemic changed the mindsets of many. Companies are now more conscious to provide skill development to their employees and they partner with Job Booster social India to develop the skills of their employees.



Need wholistic guidance on the most effective and efficient methods to use your CSR reserves? 

Corporate Social Responsibility is a business’ approach to influence sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits. Corporate sustainability focuses more on benefiting the greater community than just company profits, through the initiatives taken by the corporation for its effect on social and environmental benefit. Large companies can have a significant impact on their local communities, simply by providing solutions with the resources they already have. Job Booster India has set up a CSR Advisory service to assist and guide the companies to integrate the mandatory CSR programs and CSR activities into business models, to build sustainable corporate self-regulation. So, our clients stand to benefit from that social identity, as such activities help their brand to become more empathetic.


Job Booster Social India - Adding Value to your Business


Job Booster India desires to create an impact in furthering socio-economic good, by keeping the focus on community development. Job Booster India as a social enterprise works alongside you on a step-by-step process to achieve a sustainable outcome for your business. We strive to make a positive difference to the unreached youth and bring about meaningful change in the world by generating profits to sustain your businesses too. Also, we create a constructive influence on society by investing in human resources into building your company, as it ensures a beneficial outcome for all. Job Booster maintains the fact that we have established an ethically functional awareness, which is improving people’s lives. Job Booster works towards developmental, community, and substantial causes with a view to catalyzing continual impact for the clients involved. Both the community wing and the operation wing of our present work together to ensure a strong success in your business.

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